Awaken to The Game

We are all Energetic Spirits. Every single spiritual teacher throughout time alluded to our

true nature by telling us about an afterlife: Heaven, Hades, reincarnation, etc.

Recorded near–death experiences speak of people being able to see themselves outside of

their bodies. (If our vision comes from our eyes, how is that possible?)

When my father “died” of cancer over a year ago, I inherently knew what was left on the

hospital bed was not him, but rather an empty shell devoid of any Energetic Spirit. My

father lives on because there is no “death.” If there is an end, it is just an end to our spirit

housed in its current form.

I’ve heard these spiritual teachers (particularly Esther Hicks) say that we choose to come

into this world. Jane Roberts, author of The Seth Material, writes that birth is actually a

much more jarring and disruptive experience than death. If that is so, then why would we

choose to come into a world teeming with problems, inequality and strife?

We choose to come here to play in The Game.

What Game? The Game is choosing who or what we want to be and manifesting or

attracting that kind of life into our experience. In this Game, there is no winner or loser;

there is only movement toward or away from remembering the Truth. The Truth is that

we are Energetic Spirits and that everything in the Universe is energy, formed together by


In that respect, the world around us is an illusion. We learn in school that everything is

made up of atoms, which, in turn, are made of energy. Energy cannot really be defined, it

cannot be created or destroyed, and it has many forms, like God. Thus we experience energy

that comes together by consciousness into its various forms.

We know we are moving towards remembering this Truth when we feel happiness, love,

joy, peace, fulfillment, contentment, and so on. We know that we are moving away from

being conscious of our spirit when we feel fear, anxiety, anger and depression.

If we are to compare it to a chess match, we suffer when we forget that we are

Energetic Spiritual Consciousness, resulting in a belief that we are just pawns in a cruel

game played by the gods. We have forgotten that we are the gods!  We chose to be

born and play The Game, but have forgotten—and identify our existence with—the game


Every piece on the chessboard is important; even pawns can capture queens. But when we

forget that we are the Player, not the game piece, we suffer, and our inner guidance system

(our emotions) kicks in to get us back on track.

So, how does one make a move in The Game? You make a move in life the same way you

make a move in any game. First, you think about it and get clear that it is the best move

for you. Again, if the object of the game is to remember that you are Energetic Spiritual

Consciousness, remember that your feelings are your guide for thinking through your next


Second, you move by just imagining yourself in the spot on the board where you want to go.

Daydream. Role-play. Have fun. Children do this well. In that respect, they are our guides in

helping us remember how to move forward in The Game.

When you imagine and role-play yourself into the next spot on the board with the utmost

conviction, you merge with that vision of yourself and eventually become one with it. It is

attracted to you and you are attracted to it. What began as a thought has now manifested

into your reality and you will find that you have moved into that spot on the game board:

The Law of Attraction.

You know you have forgotten you are the Energetic Eternal Spiritual Player who chose to

come here and play the game when you feel suffering, anger, anxiety or fear. When this

happens, there are really only two questions you need to ask yourself:

1. What is the next thing I need to do to remind myself that I am an Eternal Spiritual

Player and not the game piece in The Game? Meditate? Spend time with my

children? Take a walk in nature? Have wonderful connecting sex?

2. What is my next move in The Game, so when it ends I can say to myself: “WOW!

Playing The Game was so much fun, even with its ups and downs, I never wanted it

to end!”

Because every game does end, that is, until you choose to be in the next one.

Writing from my Core,



Lessons from Our Daughter

In order to manifest what you desire, put it out to The Universe/God, and then detach and LET IT GO. This is a cosmic truth that I struggle with, and was written by several spiritual success educators – including Jesus and The Buddha. I want my coaching business to be successful, but how can I let go of a desire that means so much to me?

This is where I see my five-year-old daughter, Sofie, (and many children like her) as a guide. She desires things all the time: more dolls, dessert before dinner, extra attention, one more cartoon, another play date, etc. But reality, in the form of her disciplining parents, seems to say a resounding “no” to many of these desires. We tell her impatiently, “You already have… so & so… or you can’t have…so & so… so please find something else to do!”  She whines, she pouts, she allows herself to express her feelings in reaction to these rejections. But fifteen minutes later I see her playing with other toys, reading or doing some other activity in total engagement – almost forgetful of the exchange that left her wants empty-handed. She detaches every single time.

But does that mean she’s a depressed child who never gets what she wants? Quite the contrary, when I look at her brief life, she has friends beyond measure and is always meeting new ones; she has many books and toys to play with (including cardboard boxes and sofa cushions); she eats well, including nice desserts; she enjoys watching TV with her parents; and overall she laughs and plays several times a day. She trusts the Universe, lets go, and still gets to live a very happy life. You may think it’s because we spoil her more than we say no, but I believe she intuitively knows to follow her inner nudging to play and find enjoyment.

A few months ago, we were depressed when Sofie was rejected by a top private school and became worried about her future education. As we read the rejection letter, she was playing in the yard, completely unaware of what we perceived as a terrible occurrence. She said she wanted to remain in her current school anyway. Then earlier this week she seemed to receive class homework without instructions. When we asked her kindergarten teacher for clarification, she told us, “Oh no, that wasn’t class homework. It’s just that Sofie is so advanced in her learning that I wanted to give her some extra words because her reading ability is off the charts.” Our five-year-old daughter detached when her parents couldn’t, but she is showing us that she is getting a good education, even in the face of the resounding “no.”

Writing from my core,