A Simple Definition of Faith

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Having faith is a necessary part of manifesting your desires. When I speak of faith where I work as an addictions counselor, sometimes I hear sighs and see clients rolling their eyes. They think I’m going to talk about Jesus, but I tell them they don’t need to be Christian to have faith. Faith, I tell them, is simply the absence of doubt. It’s the difference between saying, “Oh please! I hope this dream happens.” and “It’s going happen, because I’m gonna make it happen!”

I want to share this true story as an example of faith involving my wife and I during our ten-year anniversary trip to Italy. We’d been planning this trip for four years, and were excited to finally go last Spring. But upon arriving at the airport, we were told our flight was postponed, which meant we’d miss our connecting flight to Italy. The airline representative managed to book us on another flight, but with seats several rows apart. It looked as if we would not be together during the nine-hour flight from Atlanta to Milan.

While waiting to board the plane, my wife said, “Don’t worry, we’ve been planning this for so long, we will sit together.” Her faith seemed to be quite strong. I, on the other hand, had actually given up and was willing to spend the next nine hours on a plane trying to ignore whoever was assigned next to me.

Onboard the plane, I noticed we were in the same aisle, but my wife was several rows behind me. As the passengers began settling down and stowing away their luggage, the woman seated next to my wife asked her  for a favor.

“Excuse me, my boyfriend and I are on this flight but we got separated. Do you mind switching seats with her?”

My wife saw potential in this plan, so she agreed. However, the woman’s boyfriend was on the other side of the airplane; my wife had just agreed to move even farther away from me.

After she moved, her new seat-mate asked the same question, “Excuse me, my sister and I are traveling to Italy together but we’ve been separated. Do you mind trading seats?” My wife agreed again, although she began feeling a bit like a pinball bouncing around the plane. We didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the Law of Attraction at work.

Meanwhile, I was already comfortable in my own seat when the woman next to me asked, “Excuse me, my husband and I are on our honeymoon and we’ve been separated. Do you mind changing seats with him?”

I wasn’t in the mood. This guy could be seated in the front of the plane! I thought. “I don’t know. I’ve already been separated from my wife, and we’re on our ten-year anniversary,” I told the woman. But then I had a sudden change of heart. “Okay,” I grunted. “Where is he?”

Her eyes darted around the cabin until they settled behind her on the other side of the airplane. “There he is,” she said pointing to a man with a navy blue baseball cap. I looked at him and the person sitting next to him and blinked. He was sitting next to my wife!

In the end, four pairs of passengers traded seats, allowing my wife and I to sit side by side during the nine-hour flight to Italy. We held hands as the plane took off, grateful to be sitting next to one another on the ten-year anniversary trip that we’d been planning for years. Bob Proctor, Law of Attraction author, states that as long as you move toward your goal with enough faith, understand that whatever happens was meant to be.

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