The Pickle Connection: Cosmic Relationship Synchronicities

pickle image inspired by Andy Warhol and Simon Murphy

I’ve heard that sometimes when two women are closely bonded, either as friends or relatives, the timing of their menstrual cycles can coincide. I’m definitely NOT saying that I share a menstrual cycle with my wife, Donna. But I do believe when couples are similarly bonded, they may share synchronistic experiences—some quite simple, others quite startling. When this happens to us, we call it “The Pickle Connection.” The name refers to one of these synchronistic occurrences when we came to each other with a craving for pickles at the same time (and no, I was not pregnant!).

Last Friday, January 4th, 2013 marked a significant event in our marriage—the 20-year anniversary of the day we first met. This has been nicely detailed in my wife’s blog post, so I won’t write about it here. But it made me think about the other Pickle Connections we’ve shared throughout our lives.

Some of these connections are synchronistic, others are Law of Attraction signs that we were “meant to be:”

If Not for That Phone Call
When I was a college professor, in the days before the Internet, I told my students to always follow up mailing their resumés with a phone call to ensure it was received. I would say, “The most important opportunity of your life may be at that job.” I made the follow-up phone call after I applied for a design position at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and was told the HR Department had not received it, so I sent another resumé. After I was offered the position, I was told they also hired a college intern named Donna.

Last Minute Invitation
If you read my wife’s blog post, you’ll find out that Donna didn’t consider dating me until something clicked at my sister’s wedding. The week before the wedding, two of my sister’s guests cancelled; my sister allowed me to invite some friends. One of the friends I asked was Donna.

Two Roads, Same Path
One of the most significant events that changed the trajectory of my life was admitting to my addiction and past abuse issues. It began when my sister prompted me to deal with my negative attitude towards authority figures. Around the same time, Donna’s sister prompted her to read an Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) book. A couple of months later we attended our first ACOA meeting together.

Women Rule
We shared one of our more startling Pickle Connections during Game Night at a friend’s home. The game had us write down an event in history that we would change if we could. I did not choose “The Holocaust” or “my childhood” but rather something more uncommon: the moment when human culture shifted from being a female-oriented society to a male-dominated one. When the papers were read aloud, Donna had written the exact same historical occurrence.

Shared Visions
Another startling Pickle Connection occurred on the same day but 60 miles apart. I was being guided in a “One-Year-From-Now” visualization at a job training in Marlborough, Massachusetts. That night, I returned to our home in Warwick, Rhode Island, and asked Donna what she had done that day. She told me she had done a one-year-visualization that afternoon herself! And not only were our visions the same, they happened only thirty minutes apart.

Many would pass these Pickle Connections off as coincidence, but I believe they show a deeper cosmic connection at the level of our spirit. We are all Energetic Spirits who existed before we decided to enter into the world and will continue on after our physical bodies can no longer contain Who We Really Are. Perhaps her spirit and mine made an agreement to meet in this life… one of the greatest achievements of this agreement being our daughter, Sofie.

Last Friday we decided to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of our meeting by going out to lunch. We perused several options but were not excited by any of them. When I met Donna, I told her that while biking home I had thought of another restaurant in our hometown.

“I was thinking of the exact same one,” she exclaimed. “It’s The Pickle Connection!” We then made one more connection before going off to lunch by sharing a kiss.

Writing From My Core,


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