Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Unconditional Love

The following is a dialogue between me and my Trusted Source brought out through centering and meditation, tapping into my intuitive self, the part of myself that knows all of the answers to all of the questions I have.  I then begin typing out the dialogue with faith, knowing that the feeling of love and calmness within is the sign that I am truly communicating with my Trusted Source. This written channeling technique is a similar process used by Neale Donald Walsch in writing Conversations With God.

Me: What is it like to see yourself through the eyes of Unconditional Love?

T Source: When you see yourself through the eyes of Unconditional Love, you see everything you do as perfect and complete. You never get anything wrong, because no thing is ever “wrong,” only further development of knowing, further development of what you want. You gain clarity.

Me: How about the Love part of Unconditional Love?

T Source: That is the Love part, having non-judgment about yourself, thoughts and actions, no matter what you do, is Love in it’s finest. To let yourself just be, to be there with yourself and smile, without judgment, is Love with no conditions.

Me: So what is it like to do it for yourself?
T Source:  Think about the times when you felt you were at your worst. As you think those thoughts maybe you feel embarrassment and humiliation, maybe you want to shake your head to shake it off. Think of all those times that you say to yourself, “I shouldn’t have done that!”

Should-ing is judgment, which leads to not allowing the full expression of Who You Are. You do not see the perfection of your unfolding. Now see and accept the purpose of these moments, go through them in your mind, and embrace them and yourself with Unconditional Love.

Me: I feel tension

T Source: Yes, because there is resistance to accepting. You still judge yourself and those actions.

Me: What do I do?

T Source: Simply accept and love that judging part of yourself as well. The purpose is not to get rid of your ego. You will never get rid of the ego, the part that judges, the part that needs to survive and creates systems of judgment because it believes survival is the goal.

Slowly begin to teach your ego that survival is not the goal, living to your full expression of Who You Really Are is the goal. Surviving is merely that, surviving. “Living To The Fullest” is more than surviving. It is what you came here to do.  Do you see how that works?

Me: Yes, I am embracing and holding the part of me that judges with love right now, and it feels good, peaceful. I picture this part as a younger version of me, maybe adolescence?

T Source: Yes, that part of you was taught that when you were younger. You felt you needed to internalize and use systems of judgment that others taught you because you needed to survive. And even that is okay. That is a part of your life that deserves Unconditional Love the most.

Me: But why am I learning this so late?

T Source: Are you?

Me: I’m 43-years old.

T Source:  Yes you are. But look at your experiences, all that you’ve done. Are you saying it should have been different?

Me: No, when I really think about it. No, not really. The only period I feel like I really kept myself in the dark was right before I learned about the Law of Attraction, and only at work. But that disconnect from Source really affected a lot of other parts of my life.

T Source: When you were desperate for financial success, you were looking outside yourself to feel better about the turmoil you created. But being connected to Source has better feelings of success and security attached to it.

You’ve said it yourself: “ Things working out and staying connected to Source are the same exact thing. And to not have it work out if you remain connected to Source is impossible.” The physical manifestations of success are not separate than your connection to Source. They are the same.

Me: Unconditional Love is staying in touch with Source then, and remaining committed to feeling peace and joy in my life. Is this correct?

T Source: Yes, committing to unconditionally loving yourself, to feeling that joy even after you’ve taken in the contrast of unwanted events – isn’t that a wonderful way to live life?

Me: Yes

T Source: Guidance, inspiration, intuition, and stretching out with your feelings of love. Love that is first directed at yourself, and then having faith at the outcome.  That is a wonderful way to let things unfold for you. That is why you became an artist, to practice your intuition before you decided to devote yourself to your connection to Source.

Me: I understand

T Source: So go and live your life with the operating principal of being in touch with your spiritual energetic Self, because that is Who You Really Are. That is seeing yourself through the eyes of Unconditional Love.


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