The Seven Energy Levels and Recovery – part 1

In the end, it’s all about energy. Whether your life moves forward towards your goals (and how you get there) is based on how you use the energy within you. Why? The answer is rooted in scientific fact.

We learned in grade school that everything in The Universe is made up of energy because everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are made of subatomic particles, and these particles are made up of energy. So at their base level, the same energy that makes up the computer screen you’re reading, is the same energy that makes up the air you breathe, the trees outside, the sun, and all of the beings on this planet, including you.

Therefore awareness of how energy is flowing through you is the difference between working laboriously towards your goals, or moving with flow and ease through challenges and having your goals manifest effortlessly. A rock-climbing friend once told me he climbed up a particularly difficult 40-ft. stretch in a rock gym, but he was in such a connected energetic mindset that he wasn’t anxious about the challenges. It was as if he automatically knew what to do, and in no time he looked down and realized the stretch was negotiated with practically no effort.

I then asked him, “How would you feel if all aspects of your life – your relationships, career, finances, and health – were like breezing through that 40 ft. stretch?”

If this is what you want, then the first step is simply to be aware of the energy within you. There are two categories: catabolic and anabolic. Catabolic energy breaks things down, while anabolic energy builds things up. In order to live an optimal life, the interplay of catabolic and anabolic energy must be understood as they are both necessary for life to move forward. A perfect example of this is the process of eating. When you eat an apple, you use catabolic energy to break it down so your body can use its nutrients. Anabolic energy is then used to take those nutrients to make your body healthy. So although it seems that catabolic energy is bad, it’s contrast to anabolic energy is necessary for growth. Or in other words, knowing what we don’t want helps us to clarify what we do want.


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