The Seven Energy Levels and Recovery – part 2

The Importance of The Number Seven
The number seven is known as a good luck number in different ancient cultures around the world, and it seems to be for good reason. In the Eastern arts and Hindu religion there are seven chakra points. And in certain Christian philosophies there are seven levels of Christ consciousness. There are also seven levels of energy.

You always have 100% of your energy and it is broken up into seven levels in different percentages. Your individual energetic configuration of the seven levels is the result of every thought, feeling, action and experience you’ve ever had in your entire life up to now.  And at any one time, depending on your topic of focus, you’re in one of these levels. So we go throughout the day with these levels fluctuating all the time, like the equalizer display of a stereo showing the breakdown of the lower ranges and higher ranges in music.

The average of all the levels in both your baseline Energetic Profile and your Energetic Stress Reaction (your energy level configuration under duress) is your Average Resonating Level or ARL. A 2013 study with approximately 1,300 participants showed that people who had a higher Average Resonating Level, reported an increase in satisfaction in fourteen areas of life including work, family, health and finances. Finally, it’s important to note that the ELI is an attitudinal assessment, not a personality test (such as Myers-Briggs).  Personality tests results usually don’t allow for a lot of adjustment, but your attitude can change!


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