Everyone is an addict, because at The Recovery Vortex, the term “addiction” is NOT defined as the end behavior of using an illegal drug or drinking. “Addiction” is defined as the entire addictive pattern – which always begins with a person’s thinking. That’s where the addictive behavior starts, with our thoughts.

Practically the entire world population usually cannot stop their Level 1 and 2 thought patterns that lead to their own suffering. Therefore, addictive behavior is another term for ANY Level 3 coping mechanism used to quell the stress of Level 1 and 2 Energy. More obvious Level 3 coping skills are alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping or whatever they have a 12-step group for. But, less obvious Level 3 coping skills are watching tv, playing video games, watching sports/movies, “puttering” in the garage, cleaning, work, rage, etc.

And still yet, there are Level 3 coping skills that are considered to be healthy but can be rationalized coping skills if they are used to avoid Level 1 and 2 thought patterns such as: exercise, meditation, support groups, therapy, religious meetings, etc. Why include these? Because a person is not necessarily shifting their Level 1 and 2 thought patterns, they are using these activities to avoid dealing with their stressful thoughts regarding their wives, husbands, families, kids, work, etc. Now, it does help to calm them, but many times, the patterns reset without dealing with the core thoughts.

When one defines addiction as being caught in the cycle of Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy, then the great majority of the human population can be viewed as “addicts.”

So what is YOUR answer if that is your new definition of “addiction?”
Shifting your energetic thinking to Levels 6 and 7 where Source Energy sees it – and with loving curiosity, no judgment, with absolute passion for reality for “what is,” and go from there. Let’s start with the perception of God: Everything on this planet is perfect, whole and complete, including everything that humans think is a severe problem (war, death, destruction, rape and so on).

So using that definition of addiction, how does The Recovery Vortex work with clients?
We first guide clients to tapping into the power of Source Energy, or Unconditional Love that is already within them. And guide them to see everything from this higher level of consciousness – Levels 6 and 7. From there, if deep inner-peace and happiness is truly what a client wants, we tell them there is another way. Set the intention and commit to having it, no matter what, and we can show you the way, and YOU WILL HAVE IT. We promise.

Do the work of Byron Katie, Larry Crane, Buddha, and uncover Who You Really Are: total loving, happy, creative Ultimate Higher Consciousness who never experiences problems and suffering. Everything, all your problems either melt away or are reframed as good wonderful things, especially addiction problems.

This seems to transcend the concept of “addiction” and enter into spiritual realms
It does. Because in the end, addiction IS a spiritual affliction, and when you look at it from an Energy Level perspective, the great majority of people are “addicts.” And the answer that works in ALL cases of addiction – no matter how great or small the behavior – is to be in touch with the Source Energy within you and see everything in your life from this perspective.

Understand this you’re ongoing “addiction problem” is there to help you transcend your concept of yourself, so you can know your True Nature.